Monday, November 12, 2012

Why Not Restart After A Break Up?

Why Not Restart After A Break Up - man and woman holding heart

A break up can be the worst time in a couple's life. It can be due to a misunderstanding, mutual decision or lack of trust. If the break up is for the wrong reason, you try to win back your ex and normalize things between you two. However, not all relationships are the same after patching up a break up. It is best to avoid getting together after a break up. Why? Find out...

Why you should not restart after a break up?

It is still in mind:
Even if you have patched up with your partner, things can still be the same. You might have thought to restart with your partner after a break up but things can't change immediately or permanently. You can't assure but give it a try. If the trying doesn't work, you feel depressed.

Past stays: 
If the break up was due to betrayal or lack of interest, it will not reduce. The past will never die and this can harm the relationship even if you are getting together after a break up or not. Starting fresh may not necessarily work and listening about the same old past can irritate you and force you to move on. This is one of the most common reasons why you shouldn't restart after a break up.

Lack of love:
You may take some time to get back the lost love or interest towards your partner. After a break up, if you are getting together, love will not be the same as it used to be before. So, it is ideal to move on then stitching back the torn relationship by restarting!

These are few reasons to avoid getting together after a breakup!

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