Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why Men Love Shy Women ?!!

Why Men Love Shy Women - date on casino - restaurant - dinner

It is often believed that men do not like women who have the typical feminine characteristics. For example, women who gossip or take longer duration to get ready are not loved by all men. But, it is surprising to know that a majority of men love to date shy girls. If you are a shy girl and wish to change yourself with the trend, think again! Your shy nature can impress a man and make him run behind you. Here are the reasons to prove my statement.

Why men love to date shy women?

What men love most about women is their delicate and soft nature. The femininity of a woman makes a man crazy. Shy girls are not like bold women who would shout at the top of their voices and hit you if you make a mistake. Men prefer shy women who knows how to handle themselves in public places. The body movements and the shy expressions are killing for a majority of men. According to such men, eyes speak loud and has deeper meanings in it. Playing with the hair when you talk to her or putting her eyes down are lovely gestures that men love.

One of the biggest reasons to know why men love to date shy women is that they are secretive. Whatever you share and tell them will be a secret forever. The decent and calm nature of women make them trustworthy and lovable. The vulnerability, innocence and quiet characteristics of a shy women makes a man melt easily and get attracted towards her.

Male dominated relationship:
All men love to show their dominance in the relationship. Men love to date a shy girl because men feel they can easily dominate the relationship. Even if a man is not directly controlling the relationship, he feels good when his woman listens to him, follows him and seldom argues! A shy women might disagree with your decision but, she will never shout or slam the door on your face.

Slow and steady:
The awkward and reserved nature of a shy woman makes a man attracted to her. As she will open up slowly, the relationship is exciting for the man to know more about her slowly and gradually. The urge to know more and more about a shy girl is what makes a man love her the most. Both in physical and mental attachments, the relationship will be slow. This also makes a man develop feelings towards a shy and reserved woman.

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