Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why Are Men Proud Of Themselves?

Why Are Men Proud Of Themselves? - man guy proud of himself

It is commonly seen that men are proud of themselves and this pride is one of the major reasons behind fights with their partners or friends. So, why are men proud of themselves? What makes them feel better than the women? Check out...
  • Men are proud of themselves because they are positioned above women. The social structure and the patriarchal families have made men feel superior.
  • Men belong to the stronger sex so they are dominating. The decision-making and masculine strength of men makes them proud of themselves.
  • They are not delicate and practical. Men feel proud of their practical and factual views which make them strong and not emotional fools like women.
  • Men don't cry. They have an in-born ego which stops them from becoming weak in front of women. A strong men pride!
  • Men have the liberty and freedom more than that of a woman. However, a woman be, to some extent she is not as free as a man.
  • One pair of shoes, one belt, wallet and few clothes are enough for men's wardrobe as they are not too much into fashion when compared to women. 
  • Attitude of men is very different. Depending on the occasion, men react. If their friend has worn the same dress in a party then it is seen that they become lifelong friends. Also a friend not inviting on his party doesn't end their friendship.
  • Men believe that they are not fake. Men love to show what they are and doesn't care about the reaction which can happen afterwards.
  • Men love to be careless and irresponsible. Every man is a child at heart. The feeling of being a man alone makes them proud.
  • Grey hair and wrinkles only add to the character of the man and they are not much bothered about their looks.
  • Strict nature and strength of few men make them feel proud and natural male ego pops ups!
  • Men feel they are better drivers than women. The reach of a man is more higher than a woman so, men fill with pride.
  • Men are not like women. This is one of the most general reasons behind male ego.
  • Male personality with biceps and height also adds to their ego.
Like women, men are also proud of themselves but if a man has no qualities but is proud to be a man then he needs to think and change his attitude.

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