Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Top 5 Inexpensive Dating Ideas !!!

Top 5 Inexpensive Dating Ideas - places - shy couple

Falling in love is undoubtedly a special feeling but what if your girlfriend dumps you after losing all your money? Today, we shall tell you the inexpensive and cheaper ways to date her. These ways will help you in finding out if your girlfriend is really serious with love. Take a look.

If your girlfriend genuinely loves you then she will be more than happy with whatever you plan and if that it isn't that way then the truth is open. Do not empty your pockets for a greedy girlfriend, Keep them and save them for your necessities.

All that we would like to hint the college going crowd is to plan their pocket money and not be a spend thrift. Only you can know the value of your money so spend wisely with these inexpensive dating ideas.

Top 5 Inexpensive Dating Ideas - 

1. Date on drive
If you own a car then there isn't a better place than it. You get privacy to talk in your car, play favorite music, present gifts and a sweet kiss, everything that completes the special day with very less expenditure (a few hundreds). Say, you don't own a car, you can hire it or ask your friends for the special day.

2. Moon light date:
 The moon has always played a cupid for lovers, many romantic songs make a reference of the moon and the kiss. Plan your date on a full moon and set a candle light dinner on your house terrace. Invite your partner and enjoy the special occasion by simply paying a few pounds on the drink and food. 

3. Coffee date:
 Say, you don't have much time to decorate house or hire a car, you can simply take her to a nearby cafe. It is always best to date in cafes as a lot can happen over a cup of coffee. 

4. Movie date
You have a lot of time to spend and your partner is free, plan for a good movie and enjoy the dark ambiance of the theater. One of the best part of the movie date is that you can sit very close to your lady love! 

5. Historical places or amusement parks:
 Taking her to the ancient monuments and revealing your plans about leading life with her is an excellent idea. Going for a roller coaster ride and other water rides will keep the two entertained and fun filled. These inexpensive dating ideas are safe, enjoyable and memorable.

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