Sunday, November 25, 2012

Which Flirting Style Are You ??!!

Which Flirting Style Are You?

Dating is an easy task but not when it comes to finding someone who is potentially your type, it is difficult! They say opposites attract? But, in your opinion is that true?

In dating, there are different ways of flirting and most of us have this way or styles of flirting when we see an attractive woman or a handsome gentleman walk past at us.
Here below are some interesting styles of flirting that you can be categorized under.

1.Traditional Flirting Style
These types of people follow old school values and traditions. They believe, it is the man's duty to flirt with a woman. The man usually takes the lead in this type and the woman just goes along with the flow. These types of people, especially women have a hard time in getting men to notice them.

2.Physical Flirting Style
 Here, its all about getting intimate with the one who you find interest in. There are no other ways of showing affection besides seductive body movements. It is also said that those who have the physical type of flirting character understand the other person's emotional side very well.

3.Playful Flirting Style
 Dating can sometimes get out of hand, for there are times when there is no control. Those who have this type of character in dating are said to boost their self esteem to great heights. A committed relationship is not of their interest for its all about fun and frolic.

4.Polite Flirting Style
 These types of people are looking for meaningful relationships. They are more cautions in what actions they portray in dating. People who are shy and self observed usually have this type of flirting.

5.Sincere Flirting Style
This is mostly seen in women. They have a way of speaking to men and being sincere is one of the best characteristics one can show when in dating. These types of people look for emotional connection other than wider aspects in a relationship.
These are some of styles of flirting which usually people possess today. These type of flirting are common and you can be one of them if you figure it out. 

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