Friday, November 23, 2012

Unbelievable Ideas For Marriage Proposal !!!

Unbelievable Ideas For Marriage Proposal - man proposing to a woman

Nothing can out beat the beautiful night sky and the silver stars to propose marriage to your lady love. Who wouldn't want a beautiful scenery like this? If you want to make this a moment your would be bride wouldn't forget, then here are some brilliant ideas for the proposing under the midnight sky over a candle lit dinner.
When you are with her, here are some fairy tale ideas on marriage proposal , you can bring alive to make the night unforgettable.
1.Plan your evening in such a way that she should not know you are planning to pop the question. Let it come as a surprise to her! But, before all this learn to see if she is ready for marriage to avoid an embarrassed situation, of her saying no!
2.If you are going if for a candle lit dinner, prepare for her an aphrodisiac menu and at the end of the meal pop the question of marriage proposal in the dessert. She will be surprised and will definitely say yes.
3.Gone are the days where the man used to go in for marriage proposals in the form of the ring in a champagne glass. Do it differently and let it be unexpected. Take her for a walk in the park and let a child come with a box in his hand and when she opens it ,she will find your ring with a note saying ,'marry me'! She will love this idea, honestly!
4.Another way for marriage proposal is when she is sleeping, slip a finger on her hand and when she wakes up and looks at it she will be extremely happy. But, make sure to know she is ready for marriage.
5.Select a beautiful candle lit dinner spot only for the two of you. You can opt for places where there is waterfalls or a secluded island spot etc. When she is into a conversation with you, get up from your seat and place your hand on her mouth and utter the words, 'marry me'. Kiss her and and tell her you love her and that she is the one for you and no one else can take her place. She will indeed say yes after she gets out of the shock.
6.On a romantic secluded beach set up a bubble tent where only you and your lover is present. You can have these bubble tents elsewhere too like in the forest or camping area. Strew flowers leading to the bedroom area and lead a special way to the ring!
These are some unique ways for marriage proposal.

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