Friday, November 23, 2012

Ideal Woman – A Dream Or Reality?

perfect-woman - Ideal Woman – A Dream Or Reality

We all wish for an ideal life. We get jealous, when we assume someone else has an ideal life, but what is 'ideal'? Ideal is something which is more than perfect. A perfection which we all want to achieve but humanly not possible. With this definition of 'ideal', can there be an ideal woman for a man?
The usual belief that every girl dreams to meet her Mr. Perfect, in the present time, is also true for a man. Every man dreams of an ideal woman. An ideal woman whose idea and impression changes with every relationship mistake. One of my friends since his college days till now has had five relationships, but denies to call himself a flirt. According to him, these relationships were in search of the perfect woman, which he is still looking for and now he has left it on his parents to get him the perfect match. In other words, lost hope.
I can't deny that people never find their ideal match but the number is very less. So, why don't most men find their ideal love and end up in a compromise? I went around with this question to some men and finally came to an understanding, here it is -

1.The guidelines of an ideal women for men is mostly based on the image of someone he looks up to. It can be his parents, sister or a best friend. When one has an image, there is constant comparison. This comparison is so severe that even one mismatch is enough to tell him that it's not the one.
2.Mostly this ideal picture in itself is a bit confusing. They actually do not know what they want. It is based on bookish thoughts and dreams, which seem too unrealistic for the real world. This contradiction between the dream and reality creates the problem.
3.Men have an inbuilt ability of dominating, which gets a more empowering with the girl of his dreams. This domination if not taken by the other sex, is thought to be a discrimination with his idea of ideal woman. Thus, a break up and a wrong conclusion.
Thus, the idea of an ideal woman remains an idea, which a man lives with since his understanding of relationship till his conclusion.

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