Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Types Of Women Who Get Picked !!!!

Types Of Women Who Get Picked  - love on a boat - sea

I am smart, intelligent, independent and not exactly a nightmare when I look in the mirror, but I never get picked by the guys I like. If you read that line and sign 'story of my life', then here is something interesting for you. Men like certain types of women who fit their fantasy. Now, you do not have to be a dumb blonde with vital statistics that read '36,24,36' to be the kind of woman loved by men.

Men do not always go for looks. May be it is just that one little thing that you keep getting wrong. If you want to be the type of woman who gets picked, then check this out.

Types Of Women Who Get Picked..

The Ones Who Don't Try:
A guy eventually falls for the girl who doesn't try to catch his eye at all. A guy could also fall for a girl who is not playing too hard to get. It is very important to understand that men do not go for the girl who tries too hard. 'Too hard' could mean either to ignore him or attract him.

The Ones Who Are Themselves:
Men love women who can be themselves without the need to pretend. Basic honesty is something that all human beings should appreciate. If you wear an ultra short dress so that he picks you up but, you are uncomfortable in it, then he will notice. It will only give him the impression that you are desperate.

The Ones Who Don't Discuss Marriage:
Men just adore those types of women who believe that all relationships do not have to end in marriage. There is a time and place for everything and you should not think about the future of your relationship even before it has begun. So, if you are the type of woman who discusses an engagement on your 3rd date, then you will get dropped pretty often.

The Ones Who Are Funny:
Men and women have two very different ideas about comic timing. What makes us girls go up in helpless fits of giggles might be totally silly to a guy. So if a man finds a woman who according to him, has a good sense of humour, he will latch on to her.

The Ones Who Are Low Maintenance:
If you are a low maintenance girl, then you would not care about how much he earns, what he does for a living, whether he will propose to you with a diamond ring so on and so forth. You will just like him for who he is and that is enough for you. Dating such women is every man's dream.

Here are the kinds of women who get most frequently picked p by men. Are you one of them?

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