Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Secrets You Should Tell Your Partner !!!

Secrets You Should Tell Your Partner  - man and woman drinking coffee

Every individual has some secrets that might not be known to anyone else. These hidden secrets are highly confidential and thus, sharing them is not required. However, after you get committed, you have to share few secrets that have been hidden with you. If you are dating or married, try not to hide these above listed secrets from your partner. If your partner comes to know about these secrets from others, it would devastate your happy love life. Thus, it is best to tell these secrets before it gets late.
Secrets you should tell your partner:

Your savings:
This is one hidden secret than men always love to keep to themselves. But, after marriage, it becomes quiet important to know about the savings of the husband. God forbids but if something happens to you, your partner will have no clue about your savings, property etc. You will end up losing everything. Thus, it is best to tell the secrets about your finances to your partner. If you share all this while dating a woman, she might think that you are flamboyant! So, make sure the situation is supportive and understandable.

Your inner thoughts:
This is one secret that has been hidden deep inside your heart and mind since you started understanding things. After getting a grasp of life, you start believing in few things and have a view point towards it. You should share your inner thoughts with your partner. This makes it easy to understand each other and build proximity. Share what thoughts you have towards a particular issue and develop your relationship with your partner.

Your weaknesses: 
This is a secret that people hide from each other just to maintain their dignity. Let me tell you that sharing this secret will not hurt your self-esteem. If you share your weaknesses with your partner, you will be at ease as your partner will be alert of it. For example, short temper is your weakness and your partner knows it. He/she will be alert and would understand that this is your weakness. Thus efforts to smartly handle it afterward will work wonders!

Your last partner: 
Not everyone shares this secret. There is a common saying, "Let the bygones be bygones." It is true but if you are feeling insecure for hiding your past, reveal it. Make sure your partner is a positive minded person who is open minded to share and discuss such things. This secret can also harm your future so think twice.

Are you a virgin?: 
Well, this secret is always hidden by everyone! Do not think that hiding it will not make it known to your partner. You can easily catch a non-virgin. If your partner is discussing about it openly, you too can bring out the hidden secret.

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