Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stuck Between Best Friend And Lover?

Stuck Between Best Friend And Lover?

There is no worse position to be than in the one between your lover and your best friend. Usually most of us pray that the two most important relations that we chose in your life, best friend and the significant other, are amicable. If not then you will be stuck in love for both till the end of eternity. Conflict in the relationships that are closest to your heart makes your life difficult and unfortunately it is a life long thing because you cannot give up on either.

God forbid, if you are stuck in love between your lover and best friend then you will have to get the following things clear.

Best Friend Or Lover? Ways to Resolve Conflict:

1. The first thing that happens is that both start expecting that you will take their side and if you don't then you have betrayed them. You have to make it very clear to them that choosing either of them for you like making a mother choose between her children; it is in one word impossible. You simply are stuck in love for both of them and it is like your two eyes refuse to cooperate with each other.

2. If you feel that one of them is grossly wrong then too never say it in front of both. You have to take either your best or lover aside and explain where they are going wrong. Even saying that you feel one of them is wrong can spark a fresh conflict in their relationship.

3. Take time out and try to talk to both separately. Both of them love you so they will have to understand that their differences are coming down really hard on you. This constant sword of choice that is hung on your head is destroying you from within. They might not become the best buddies but they can try to be civil to each other for your sake.

4. If your friend is possessive then he or she will definitely bring up the argument that you two have known each other longer when your significant other was not in the picture. The duration of relationship is not mark of its strength or importance. May be you and your friend go back a long way but that is not to your better half's discredit. Tell your friend that he or she cannot be replaced in your life. What your boyfriend or girlfriend is a whole new role.

5. Sometimes the problem is not just with our best friend, it might be her significant other that he doesn't like. May be your boyfriend is jealous of the other guy or he doesn't like them as a couple because the back each other up instead of you. This happens with guys more often but is not impossible the other way round.

You have to understand the problem between your best friend and lover to solve so start at the root

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