Sunday, November 11, 2012

How The Extra Day In Feb Can Help You?

february29 - How The Extra Day In Feb Can Help You

Are you going to get up tomorrow morning and curse your boss the same way you did today? Will go through your daily chores just as if it was an ordinary day? If do that then you are missing out on the one extra day you are getting this year that can make a huge difference to your life. Leap year 2012 gives you can unexpected bonus and this single day in February can really work wonders for your relationships.

You can use this extra day in a million different ways because if will not come again in 4 years and if the Mayan calender is to be believed then it may never come again as the world will end in 2012. So it makes absolute sense to make the most of this day and spend time with whoever you want to for making this day really special. 

Ways In Which This Extra Day Can Benefit You:

1. Get Married On This Day:
It is not only beneficial to your love life but also your wallet. If you marry on the 29th of February then that will be your anniversary and you will not have to celebrate it for at least the next 4 years! No dinners at posh restaurants and no expensive gifts every year; imagine the savings.

2. Best Day To Get Dumped Or Rejected:
If you get dumped on that special day in leap year 2012 then you can easily wash of the day for the next four years and by the time it comes again you would have happily forgotten your ex. No need to shed tears on the pillow by looking at old greeting cards next year.

3. Make It Fatalistic:
As Leap year 2012 is supposed to be the last year of human civilisation according to many cultures, you can get all fatalistic on this extra day. It can be best excuse to get your girl, 'the world is coming to an end, let us be together for whatever time we can'. Girls just love that kind of dramatic stuff; she will lap it up!

4. Finish Work Targets And Surprise Your Partner:
February is a month when you are really hard pressed with monthly targets at work because you have a couple of days less to do the same work. Now that there is one more day, you can wrap up things at work and come home early to surprise your better half with a romantic evening together.

5. Give Time Where Required: 
Relationships are like plants; you have to water them and weed them or else they wither. We take care of our plants but let our relationships lie. On this February 29th make it a point to spend time with your loved ones be it your wife, mother or daughter.

Use these relationship tips to make that extra day this year count as far your relationships are concerned.

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