Monday, November 12, 2012

Is Your Man Jealous Of Your Celebrity Crush?

Is Your Man Jealous Of Your Celebrity Crush - man and woman watching tv

Celebrity crushes are nothing new! Many women feel that this actor his handsome and that guy has a built physique. Men can like your celebrity crush for few days but with time, one day he might get frustrated and yell at you fir imagining more about celebs than him! Few men won't react so you might continue talking about your celebrity crush and spoil the relationship more. Here are few tips to know if your man is jealous of your celebrity crush.
Tips to know if your man is jealous of your celebrity crush:

No reaction: 
When you talk about your celebrity crush, if your man doesn't react then it can be a sign that he is little jealous. Few men just react instantly and few keep in their mind and burst out someday. If he doesn't react while you are busy appreciating your celebrity for his look, dressing and appearance, get alert.

Late Reaction: 
As mentioned, late reaction is a common habit of few men. They will take it lightly in the beginning and then react one day when they are extremely jealous of your celebrity crush. This is because men feel crushes are temporary and may not last after a week or so! If the crush is still alive and strong, he might take it seriously and react.

Grabs your attention:
Men generally react because they don't like to hear about some guy who is more on a woman's mind. If your man is jealous with your celebrity crush, he will start grabbing your attention towards you. He mimic the celeb to attract you towards him.

Break up:
When your man gets angry with your craze, he might ask you to go to the celeb and leave him before. This is mainly because of the frustration that your man wishes to bring you towards him by talking about break up.

When your man reacts in this way towards your crush, it means he is jealous. It is fine to like some celeb but avoid hurting his ego for a star who is just on television.

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