Monday, November 12, 2012

Can You Fall In Love Again And Again?

Can You Fall In Love Again And Again - love puzzle

You may find celebrities marrying and splitting up all their lives but the question is how many times a person can genuinely fall in love? Is love that easy to find and chuck? Is it that inexpensive? Well, that's the discussion or rather the hot topic of the day. Take a look to know more about love and falling for it again and again.

Love is getting more practical and redefined. The lovers of today expect some luxuries to accompany it. Just like the Aamir Khan's dialogue goes “aaj koi pooja.., kal koyi dooja", it isn't difficult to find girls but it definitely is hard to find a true lover.

If you ask men working at software firms, they say, that love can happen many times when there is money, richness and attitude. To them, love is infatuation so it can keep happening again and again.Suraj, a Java professional says that his opinion about love and women has been changing with age which itself is a proof that love is not a one time feeling.

Gone are days when people fell in love watching main pyaar kiya, qayamat se qayamat tak and ashiqui, now it is the season of “I Hate Love Stories" where the actor keeps falling for women but not for love.

If you ask Akash, a call centre employee, he says that if love is physical satisfaction then he is happy looking at Sunny Leone and Pamela Anderson videos rather than spending thousands on a local chick.

Even women have the same opinion, they prefer to be single and ready to mingle with any guy on any day rather than getting into a commitment and suffering all life. Rekha, a law student, says that she likes to kiss every frog (men) to find her prince and finds no offence in it.

If you question the 30-yr-olds, they share a different opinion. According to them, love may happen again and again, but a friend who is going to be all their life can be one. That friend can be none other than wives. A wife can take care of family, be a homemaker and be with them in all the phases of life unlike girlfriends.

For the aged (55+), it is totally different formula. Love, to them, cannot be called an attraction but an emotional bonding. They would like to be there for each other until the last breath.

Love need not have to happen during school or college, love has no age and it will happen whenever it is destined to happen. It is hard to find true love and when found, he/she shouldn't be allowed to go.

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