Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is Your Husband A Secret 'Girl Watcher'?

Is Your Husband A Secret Girl Watcher

Your husband might have dreamt a lot about the looks and personality of his dream girl but when he happened to feel happy with you, he did, but at times, the slim and scantily clad girls catch his eyes and he cannot help but look at them.
You might have caught him peeping at girls but the answer is always 'No, How Silly?'. It is confirmed that your husband is a secret girl watcher but never admits simply because he feels scared to accept it with you.
Dealing Partner Who Is A Girl Watcher
As a woman you cannot allow your husband to watch at other women and have the visual treat. Try to dress smart, get strict about fitness and improve your fashion sense. One day, he will have to feel that you are more younger, slimmer and fashionable than the girls of the present generation.
Your secret girl watcher husband stares at the lady's face, it means he is a gentleman. A good makeup can resolve the problem. If your girl watcher is appreciating another woman's personality, it means he has an issue with your fashion sense.

Some men get attracted to bust, buttocks and legs, which is supposed to be bad and needs to be tackled right away. Question your boyfriend about the stare and pretend to be upset. The move will warn him from looking at women and admiring their body curves.
Husbands cheat boring wives so try to read books, do what your favortie star does and act smart. Being aware of what's happening around you will help you get independent and deal with partner carefully.
Do not blame other women for stealing your husband as the problem lies within you. Ask dressing suggestions from pals and relatives to woo your husband. Try to be hot on bed as you may be lacking in it the most.
To save your relationship, you need to work hard than blame others. Try to know what your husband likes you in and dress as per his choice. The best relationship advice here would be to please each other as long as life permits and follow things that is appeciated and always encouraged.

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