Wednesday, November 14, 2012

7 Things That Men Don't Like To Hear!

7 Things That Men Don't Like To Hear! - argument

Men are mysterious creatures, almost as mysterious as women themselves. They yell on the name of practicality and straight words but there are certain truths that even men don't like to hear. These things for guys are embarrassing or wounding to their massive egos or just plain irritating. Words in a relationship are important and thus you must work towards not saying these thing that your partner doesn't like even if you are tempted to. Some truths must never be told and these fall under that category.
Here are some things that men don't like to hear from their girlfriend's or wives.

7 Things Men Don't Like To Hear:

1. How Much Do You Earn Anyway?
He will read it as a comment on his capability not a question. It means that you don't trust him and think him inferior. Salary is a guy thing you must never ask about because men are yet to come out of their provider's role.

2. Why Can't We Afford This? 
If you think you can afford it then just buy it; don't ask him the question. Men don't like to think that there is anything they cannot afford but most often they don't know how to prioritize. If your priorities don't match then you have to shop on your own.

3. My Dad Is Better Off Than You!
It is the one truth you are forbidden to tell in a relationship. Men don't like to be compared to their father in laws because they simply can't stand the comparison. Remember your dad is 25 years older and 50 years wiser than your guy, so no point comparing.

4. I Should Have Never Married You:
What if he said the same thing to you (which he does sometimes)? It hurts, right? Well it hurts him too. This is not a guy thing, just a human thing actually.

5. Your Mom Has A Problem With Me: 
To him this statement will be read as 'I have a problem with your mom'. Be careful how you use words in a relationship. You can convey the same message in a better way if you just say 'I don't know why mom is upset with me. Have I done something?' His sympathies will immediately be on your side. Before you call him mamma's boy put yourself in his shoes; do you like your parents being criticised?

6. You Are My Teddy Bear:
Soft, mushy and unmanly; so men don't like that adjective at all. You can pamper your man but there are more masculine ways off doing it. Don't make him feel 'cute', they hate that word.

7. Your Best Friend Earns More Than You. 
He knows it and doesn't like it so why do you have to remind him of it? Women these days are equally competitive about careers so you should be able to understand his position.

Use these relationship tips avoid saying things men don't like to hear.

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