Saturday, November 17, 2012

How To Make Your Man Jealous ??!!!

How To Make Your Man Jealous?

“Everything is fair in love and war!" 

The very saying can be used as a way to control your partner or get his attention only towards you. If your man is not paying attention towards you or bothering about you then it is time to make him jealous. This attitude generally comes in the mind of a man when he feels confident of having his partner with him. By making your man jealous, you can get him fall for you like before! It is effective to show that other things are also important to you.

How to make your man jealous?

Keep yourself busy:
If you don't bother about him, somewhere someday, he will get jealous. Men boost their ego if they are felt wanted. So, this is one of the best ways to show that other things are important to you than him. To get back your attention, he will come on track.

Change your look:
A makeover builds your confidence. Get a new cut, go for shopping! The curiosity to know the reason behind the makeover. He will not only become jealous but also possessive towards you.

Set flirty status: 
To make your man jealous, start flirting with other men. Remember, it should be healthy flirting which doesn't spoil your existing relationship. You can also talk about common male friends and their good qualities. Your man will definitely get jealous and try gradually to get his attention on you.

Spend time with friends: 
Instead of giving whole time to your partner, try to hang out with friends. By not thinking about your man and spending time with him, he will become jealous. The thought that you don't spend time with him but friends will make him think! Spending time with friends in front of him is the most effective way to make your man jealous.

Don't be available all time: 
This means, don't always follow what he says or wants. Avoid picking up his calls sometimes. Call after a long time and throw excuses behind not answering it. The best excuse is by saying that you were busy with friends so couldn't answer the call.

Try these 5 ways to make your man jealous and get his attention.

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