Friday, November 16, 2012

How To Attract Hot Women? - Dating Tips

How To Attract Hot Women? - Dating Tips - woman drink

Always men need to remember that the more beauty they would look for in women, the more brains they need to pledge to impress and attract them. Just looking 'yo' alone won't help, men need to have the 'X factor' to make women feel and fall for them. Today, we will discuss some trade secrets about how men can attract hot and beautiful women. Take a look.

Attracting And Dating Hot Women – Dating Tips

1. Generally women who think themselves very hot just fling around with guys and never get emotionally attached so such women require men with great attitude. Men who treat them as just another (without the girl knowing) will help them date the girl at the earliest. Never cling on to such girls too often as they will waste your time and money.

2. Men with confidence and masculinity are the most attractive for hot women. They would want somebody who can handle and secure them, who are always in need. They would look out for men who are ready for any action, strong and have great physique.

3. Hot women would like to date those men who are a secret book and make them feel that they still do not know them completely. This doesn't mean that men need to confuse them with the weird behaviour but act normal and not reveal all their secrets that easily.

4. Hot women do not look out for complexion in men but would want their partner to be style concious, metrosexual and strict about fitness. Somebody who has a good sense of humour, who can dance well. In short, they would look out for a gentlemen.

5. Hot women would want men to be energetic, passionate and romantic. They expect men to surprise them with unexpected things. Age is never a matter of concern but thinking young and doing silly things will impress them and maintain a magnatic field around men forever.

Simple Dating Tips: 
Carry a bunch of red roses as hot women love anything in red. Dress in a tuxedo, arrange a candle light dinner with a hot song playing in the background. This will indirectly talk about your style sense and taste. 
Happy Dating!!!.

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