Friday, November 16, 2012

Balance Physical Distance & Friendship !!!

Balance Physical Distance & Friendship - happy couple

People say that a girl and boy can be good friends but can they always hang out together comfortably? This question is very tricky and difficult to answer. The feeling of love or lust comes in middle to spoil the beautiful bond of friendship. This is when it becomes difficult for a boy and girl to remain good friends. Well, this is human nature and after staying with the same person of opposite sex for a longer time, the feeling comes automatically. If your friendship is developing to a close and intimate relationship, here are few tips to maintain physical distance in relationship and remain good friends.

How to remain friends and maintain physical distance?

Most of the times, it is very difficult for a man to remain friends with a beautiful and attractive woman. He feeling of lust is always in and out of the mind of a man. If you want to avoid friends with benefits type of relationship, it is good to maintain physical distance as far as possible.

Often it is good to maintain distance if you know the intention of the male friend and wish to keep the relationship of pure friendship. To avoid giving wrong signals, it is best to control physical intimacy due to hugging or holding hands while crossing the roads. It is obvious to get close feelings when the proximity is too high.

Know the intentions:
Remember the intentions of your friend every time you meet your him. You can take appropriate measures effectively if the intentions are known to you. Small gestures and expressions can make you know the intentions easily. Many a times, you know the intentions of your friend but due to your needs or strong friendship ties, you tend to forget the intentions of your friend and maintain distance whilst being friends.

Think and talk:
Observe the conversations with your friends. Of it is too much about orgasm and physical intimacy, it is best to change the topic. This also signals the intentions of your friend. To avoid friends with benefits relationship and control physical love, stay away from such friends. Too much of such conversations can break your strong mind at a time!

Give hints: 
If you are not interested and want to maintain the relationship of a good friendship, give hints that you are not interested and the friend will think twice before taking the level of friendship ahead.

Try these ways to limit your friendship and maintain the relationship.

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