Monday, November 19, 2012

How Emotional Relationships Are Stronger?

How Emotional Relationships Are Stronger? - man approaching woman

A bonding between a man and woman is built on the basis of their emotions. Emotions in relationship have the power to make or break the two people. Sharing the right feelings in the right time will save the relationship and if otherwise, it breaks. Today, we shall see how an emotional relationship can become a healthy relationship. Take a look.

About Emotional Relationship -

1. In an emotional relationship, the couple have genuine feelings for each other and even during their tough times they know that they are for each other. This emotional connect in relationship keeps them going strong forever.

2. When two people share the same emotional intimacy in a relationship, nobody can intervene and break their relationship. In such a bonding, there is always no place for misunderstandings and quarrel.

3. In India, the man and woman physical intimacy has a lot to do with emotional intimacy, which is why, the bond of marriage lasts forever. Many Indian women even in this century believe in the principle and have been leading a good life.

4. Truth, honesty and fidelity are the main pillars of an emotional relationship. When two people love deeply, their relationship always succeeds despite many battles, be it with respect to caste, status or countries.

5. If love has something to do with emotions then relationship is. Conveying emotions to the person will always make one feel light and happy as he believes that the other person understands his mental levels.

6. Never play with the emotions of the others as it may destroy the person's attitude towards life. Help him understand, and for that, effective communication helps. If you don't like the person, tell him right away and avoid him to prove that you are not for him/her.

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