Monday, November 19, 2012

Emotional Parasite: Is Your Boyfriend Too Dependent?

husband-wife - Emotional Parasite - Is Your Boyfriend Too Dependent

Emotional dependence is mandatory in every relationship. The question is to what degree is it acceptable. Beyond a point emotional dependence can make a relationship emotionally abusive. Some people are like fungus; they grow on other people. That is why people who show signs of too much emotional dependence are referred to as 'emotional parasites'. They grow on you and suck the emotional energy out of you.
If your boyfriend has a dependent personality then you need to take this quiz to determine if he is an emotional parasite.
Emotional Parasite Quiz:
  • Does your boyfriend get overtly upset if you go away for a while? For example to go to spend a week at your parents place.
  • Does your boyfriend need you to tell him multiple times a day that you love him?
  • Does he get angry if go out with your girl gang leaving him behind?
  • Is your boyfriend unsocial?
  • Are your friends the only friends he has?
  • Are you your boyfriend's only friend?
  • Does he expect you to stick by his side when you both in a party or gathering of friends?
If your boyfriend has these symptoms then you are in an emotionally abusive relationship and something needs to be done about it. The dependent personality of your boyfriend will filter down to other things as well. Soon he will expect you to dedicate all your time, free or otherwise, to him. If his his emotional dependence increases even further he might prevent you from going to college or work! You need to break out of this relationship immediately and there will be good enough cause for it.
Why Should You Leave An Emotional Parasite?
  • Your first obligation is always to yourself and you need not feel guilty about it. Being around such a emotionally dependent person is not good for your emotional health. You will start feeling like you are carrying the entire load of the relationship on your shoulders. It will be tiring and frustrating to be pulling him through all the time.
  • Emotionally abusive relationships have a short life span. There is a limit to which anyone can take this strain. It is not going to last forever so you better end it now before he gets too attached.
  • All your relationship problems are from his end so there must be something wrong with. You need to accept this fact before he does.
  • He needs psychiatric help and you are not the right person to give it to him. If really want to help then you need to leave him and sort out his life on his own.
  • If your boyfriend's personality type matches the above quiz then it will not take long before he gets violent. Do you really want to wait till then at the cost of your own safety?
Too much emotional dependence is a kind of human parasitism, so steer clear from it.

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