Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Does The Woman Like You?

Does The Woman Like You

Women don't express themselves and this can become really troublesome for a man. In a relationship, it is important to know that both love each other. Few women can express their feelings but there are many women who find it difficult to express that they love their partners too! If you are confused thinking if she loves you or not, then here are few tips to know the answer.

Tips to know if the woman loves/likes you or not:

When she searches you every time then it can show that she is interested in you and somewhere likes you. However, it can be a friendly approach too... You have to use your brain and see how much she needs you and why.

Strong eye contact: 
While conversing with you, see her eye movements. If she looks deep into your eyes and lips then it is a sign to show that she is interested in you and likes you. If she tries to avoid eye contact then it can show that she doesn't like you in that way...

Women get caught when they are found blushing after seeing the guy they like/love. The sudden happiness of seeing you can show that she likes/loves you.

When a girl you like tries to find small excuses to talk to you, then it can show that she wants you and the girl is interested in you. Observe if she tries to communicate with you.

If the woman tries to get close to you with a friendly or physical touch, it shows that the woman likes you and is interested to get along with you! While walking, a clash of hands, patting shoulders while sharing a joke are few signs of touch. However, you can differentiate a friendly and lust touch!

These are few tips to know if a woman likes/loves you or not. Check out whether the woman is interested in you...

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