Wednesday, November 14, 2012

5 Things Your Girlfriend Likes To Do On Facebook !!!

5 Things Your Girlfriend Likes To Do On Facebook  - girl using laptop computer

As a possessive boyfriend, it is definitely foolish to think that your girlfriend keeps thinking of you when alone. A common mentality of stylish and smart girls is that they would like disturb many men with their beauty and witty attitude. They like being on popular social network sites like Facebook and do unimaginable things. Take a look to know what your girlfriends generally do to pass time.

5 Things That Girlfriends Do On Facebook

1. Keep Changing Pictures 
They like to make many men and women jealous by posting hot pictures of them, all decked and happening. They would want to show that they are having a gala time and enjoying life to fullest (no regrets about past). Girlfriends pose like models with skimpy dresses and hot legs.

2. Always Wait For compliments Than Comments 
They expect their pals and relatives to compliment to the dressing sense and personality. In short, they become attention seekers.

3. They Search For Ex Boyfriends But Would Never Send A Request  
These girlfriends would want to know what's happening in their ex's lives. Find out who is dating whom, check pictures (if public) but never send a request as their ego will stop them from doing so.

4. They Chat With Guys Who Are Crazy About Them 
This is one of the easiest ways to flirt with other men. They start a chatting about general stuff, accept for a date but prove to be unknown of consequences. They lie to boyfriends that they were unknown that the situation would be as serious as this.

5. Check Out Men 
They even browse through friend's friends and try to know more through profiles. They may send requests to use them for entertainment, money and fame. 
It may look very innocent for boyfriends but Facebook is the new way for cunning women to find new partners and cheat their boyfriends without wasting energy or leaving a hint.

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