Wednesday, November 21, 2012

College Love! Does It Last Forever ??!!

College Love! Does It Last Forever? - guy and girl hugging each other

College love is a stage which majority of youth go through in their college days. College romance is a common trend which has been following since ages. College love story constitute the majority of couples who meet in college and fall in love while studying together. The college campus scenario always shows blushing girls and boys busy over the phone, couples sitting in a corner and sharing private moment etc.
Going to the college together, attending the classes sitting in the same table, singing college love songs or passing love chits to talk if sitting at a distance in a strict professor's class add zing to the love. College romance is fresh to many couples as the college life starts after the completion of schooling level and the teen develops good maturity levels in terms of knowing the love and treasuring the value and existence of love.
The wait to see the text message of the lover on the mobile screen shows the craze towards your love. College affair is fun for many and such couples take it like a passing affair. There are college students whose love stories doesn't end up together due to many reasons like parents rejection to the relation, mutual understanding, lack of love, immaturity and betrayal.

College love story generally start with infatuation and might not be love. Just like two sides of a coin, there are many couples who consider their crush as love and take the burden of maintaining their relation without interest and there are couples who set an example of successful college love story.
College affair is cool to youngsters and the company of each other in the college helps them have a great time at college. College life is something which every student wants to enjoy doing crazy stuffs and experiencing new things.
College love story and college love songs have been and are still being used as storyline for many movies be it Bollywood or Hollywood or album songs .
But attention is required in college love as the youngsters are not conscious and commit mistakes for which they regret later. Losing virginity is a big topic in colleges these days and this trend encourages couples to commit the mistakes. College romance may or may not end up being together as no one can predict the future.
If it is a passing affair for fun then enjoy but under limits so as to avoid regretting in later future. If you are serious then enjoy the love and studies at the same time whilst deciding the future!

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