Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Can Your Relationship Survive A Crisis?

Can Your Relationship Survive A Crisis? - bored couple - unhappy

A crisis in a relationship is its litmus test. When a couple first meet and fall in love, problems are hard to come by. Everything is rosy and glossed over. The real test of a relationship comes when a crisis builds up and you have to save your relationship. The crisis does not necessarily have to be in the relationship; it can be in any of your lives. If you can come out through such tough situations your relationship will definitely last for a long long time.
To work through a crisis in your relationship, you will find these tips useful.

Tips To Survive Crisis In Relationship:

1. Nature Of The Crisis: 
When ever you are in a crisis situation, you have to analyse the nature of the crisis. For example it could be a monetary crisis or a emotional one. Every kind of crisis will have an unique solution and to find the solution you need to know the root of the problem. For a financial crisis could be ridden out with loans and emotional ones through support.

2. Be Strong And Deal With It: 
You cannot run away from an approaching crisis in a relationship. If you know that she will freak out when she knows that you are unemployed then go ahead and tell her. Once you've done it you can think of a way to save your relationship but unless you do it you will continue to slink away in fear.

3. Never Take It Out On Your Partner:
If you are going through a crisis like loss of job or death of a near and dear one, it does not give you the license to take it out on your partner. Couples have problems when they have to bear the brunt of each others frustrations.

4. Does It Involve The Two Of You? 
If the answer is yes then the two of you have to work together to save your relationship from this storm. If the answer is no then you have to take a call whether you will fight it out alone or take help from your partner. If you include him or her then treat them as equals and not subordinates in your troubles.

5. Stand By Each Other: 
All the problems of couples disappear when they learn the simple art of supporting each other. You have to support each other blindly in the a face of a crisis because if you start judging there will be doubt and that is where the disintegration will begin.

6. Have Patience It Pays:
Most often all you have to do is wait for the wind to blow over. If you are not getting along with your in laws then you have to just keep quite and ignore. May be he will move out on his own. It never pays to take hasty decisions.

Use these relationship tips to handle crisis in relationships.

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