Monday, November 5, 2012

Basic Things to Talk About With Girls !!!

talk-to-girls-and-women - Basic Things to Talk About With Girls

A lot of people ask me what to talk to girls about. I often reply by saying, “talk about whatever’s on your mind.” My theory is that if you talk about something that interests you with passion and enthusiasm then that is catching, anybody you are talking to will be interested in what you’re saying. If they’re not then why would you want to be talking to them?

However this is not usually enough for people, they want a list and examples, so here is one:

Job/Career/Study, etc.
A lot of guys use the whole, “what do you do?’ this is a bullshit questions which often peter down to being interview style conversations, where you ask a question and she gives you some short answer, this is dull, instead do it like this.

You – What do you do?
Her – Oh, I’m a Media student (preparing for auto pilot mode)
You – Oh wow, so little miss media, what can you tell me about the future of the media industry in relation to the argument, paper vs. digital magazines?

This throws her off balance and shocks her into trying to impress you with her knowledge, it also sets a fun tone for the rest of the convo.

Favorite Things to Do
This is one of my favorite things to talk about with new girls, for two reasons: you can find out how fun they are and get ideas of fun shit to do with her and it lets her mind go to a happy place while she is talking to you, which in turns anchors happy/ fun feeling to spending time with you.

Ask her simple shit like, “what are your favorite party games?” “what is the most fun thing you like to do at weekends”

Remember, if she says anything that you’re also into then tell her, give her the classic “oooooooh me too.”  Then relate to the event and see if you two can get friendly over it in the future. For example:

You – What was the most fun thing you did last week?
Her – Oh, I played World of Warcraft with my bff and we became level 8 druids.
You – NO WAY!!! I LOVE WOW, we should totally hook up and battle each other.

People Watching
This is my actual favorite, tell her that you love to watch people and analyze what they are doing, at this point look around the room and tell her some stuff about any people who happen to be around. NOTE: Everybody enjoys this and thinks they can do it well.

It doesn’t matter if you can actually do this, make up some ridiculous stories about a couple that are talking to each other, like they are long lost twins who met up and hooked up together before their parents told them they were related, now they try to awkwardly have convos in public so that they don’t ravish each other. You get the idea.

Just have normal conversations but be aware that they need to have something different in order to make you stand out from the other million guy who have been “interested” in her life story.

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