Saturday, November 17, 2012

Avoid These First Date Blunders!

Avoid These First Date Blunders!

A first date is memorable for the couple. To have positive and good memories, make your first date impressive and loving. Many people commit mistakes in order to impress their first date, and these blunders spoil the mood! Therefore, for a successful first date, avoid these following blunders.

Mistakes on first date:

As it is the first date, sometimes due to over excitement, people tend to commit blunders in dressing. Don't blindly go after the fashion trends which doesn't suit you or make you feel uncomfortable. Be simple and sober. This is what impresses men and women. Going after too much of unwanted things can spoil the impression.

If you select the wrong place for your first date, then it is a big turn off. Choose a place where you can spend quality time with each other without interruptions. It helps to know each other better.

Talking rubbish: 
Just to impress your date, don't talk anything or everything. Watch your words. Appear confident and smart while talking. This impresses the date! Wit and humor are keys to impress the date. Be sensible and intelligent.

This is a big blunder which people commit on first date. Just to impress the date, flamboyant talks comes first for them. Need not blow your own trumpet. Let the date know your qualities with observation. Appraising oneself is a big turn off!

Some men try to come close on their first date and few end up failing to get the date. Physical love can come but wait for the right time to shower this love.

Lack of attention: 
Women talk a lot and sometimes its men who bore women. Even if you are bored of your date, don't lack of attention. Be a good listener.

Inappropriate gift:
Gifts are an essential part of first date. Choosing the wrong gift which doesn't suit the taste of your date can be a blunder. Avoid committing this mistake on your first date if you want to make it successful.

These are the common blunders people commit on their first date. Be careful if you wish to have more dates together!

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