Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Real 'Internet Chatting' Love Story !!!

A Real 'Internet Chatting' Love Story - online dating

This is a story of my close pal Chaitra who got crazy chatting and used online as a matchmaking service to find her Mr. Right.
During those times, online chatting was the most dangerous thing to do as there were a lot of blackmailing cases. Apart from paying up heavy bills, there were fake people talking nonsense 24/7. Absolute filth, sex scandals, MMS clip controversies most of the time.
But my friend didn't really care about all these. She met this guy called Praveen who claimed to work for Nokia Siemens and is based in Bangalore. To me, it seemed doubtful as many claim about many things online.
A week after, she came and told us that she finds Praveen interesting, smart and handsome, that is when we came to know that she had been video chatting with the guy. She introduced us to him and all our doubtful faces had a changed reaction. Praveen looked simple, humble and sweet in the first conversation so we backed her real love story and made her get into a wedlock with him.
The marriage was planned. Chaitra completed the course with a good rank and by then Praveen was also back from his project. Both met up at a cafe near our college and that day was just magical because it rained heavily.
The two decided to marry that year and we witnessed the grand wedding from day 1 to day 3. While taking leave from the wedding hall, Chaitra told me that she had got a proposal from Praveen's family much earlier than they started online chatting and that is why she was soo confident about talking to the unknown all the time. A 'Cheat-chatting Love Story!'.
I did get angry that she didn't tell me about the proposal part but the moment was soo touching and emotional that I just got over with untold information.
Every Valentines day, I call up Mrs. Chaitra Praveen to wish them happy married life and valentines day. Feels really nice that I happened to be the supporting actor in their real love story.

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