Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Real '25 Years' Of Love & Still Growing Strong !!

A Real '25 Years' Of Love & Still Growing Strong!! - indian couple

Here goes my love story.....
How early in life would one meet a person who would become their partner?? 
In my case, I was 4!!! It was in lower kindergarten that we met the first time . We went to the same school and as if we were meant to stay together that we were made to sit next to each other in class, year after year and we grew so well that the last bench in the class was always reserved for us(in schools had this arrangement where a boy and a girl sit next to each other until they reach primary/high school, so that kids mingle well with the opposite gender). Thus began our journey as friends.

Time flew by and we were stepping in to high school and had to make a choice in the languages we learnt as part of academics and voila we had to choose different languages and that was the start of our differences!!! It also meant new class, new bench buddies and a new beginning of a new academic year. As if it had to be, we were in two classes which were traditional rivals in all school activities. It also triggered something, something we never knew that existed within us, something we could not understand, something that we could not express cause we did not understand, after all we were only 13 yrs old!!! Time never waits, so things moved on with nothing said and we got busy with our regular school activities studies, sports, annual cultural events, science experiments and a lot more, competing against each other at every opportunity, all this with the question of what am i missing?? Eventually we had stopped talking and assumed that we hated each other.
Teenagers now, the biological cycle had started its magic and every now and then, I would tell my friends that I had a huge crush on him and I always felt I will never fit into his "type" of girl. I thought his category of girls were hip and trendy and I was nowhere close to it.
However, towards the end of school days, Nitin started to make an effort in talking to me. He would tell my friends that he wanted to talk to me and would ask me to wait after the school until he finished his game.After that we would take a walk back home, not a word uttered, just walking side by side, pushing our bicycles. this happened thrice!!! It would leave me wondering why nothing was spoken , why wait for more than an hour after school, just to walk back in silence? whatever it was, it felt good. 
One fine day, one of our mutual friends pestered him to say if he had a crush on anyone and Nitin after a lot of coaxing and prompting said it was ME!!. My friend immediately came and told me about it. I was so happy that day (November 22) and I went to Nitin, to find out if it was true and the only answer I got was YES!!! He did not bother to tell me that he loved me nor did he propose!!!

Anyways, that was another new beginning. A new name to what we had felt for several years, to something that was never expressed, something that was only felt. Time flew, graduated from school and moved to different colleges. I went to girl's college and he went to co-ed. We started meeting during and after college. We went to movies and restaurants and our feelings bloomed further.

We got in to different profession and realized that there were many differences in our lifestyle. We didn't have a common taste with respect to food, movies, art and craft etc. If liked romantic, he enjoyed action. The only thing we shared in common was the ever growing love for each other.
Nitin moved to Hyderabad for his job and I continued staying in Bangalore. We would call each other, but just talks wouldn't suffice so Nitin would travel to Bangalore every two weeks. Finally after 9months, Nitin managed a transfer to Bangalore.
Eventually, we decided to take our relation to the next step and decided to get married!!! However, I never got the guts to tell my parents and Nitin finally ended up telling my parents and his too!!! We were targets to series of questions and we manged to pull off most of the questions.
After knowing each other for 21Years and in an exclusive relation for 10years, we got married in 2007 and now in to 5th year of marriage and 25th years of knowing each other!!!

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