Monday, November 5, 2012

5 Things Men Won't Accept Ever !!!

5 Things Men Won't Accept Ever

When it comes to men, there are many things that they will hide or never share with you. But when you commit a mistake, accepting your fault will not let down your ego. There are few women who do not accept their fault but in many cases, men won't accept that they have done something wrong!
What are the things that men do not accept ever? Find out few amazing things that men can never accept.

5 things men won't accept ever:

My mom is wrong: 
Even if a mumma's boys or not, men do not accept that their mom can ever be wrong. We all know that moms are special and holds a deep place in the life of a son. We all admit that no human being is perfect and so, tends to make mistakes. But, agreeing on the fact that their mother can ever be wrong seems to be so impossible for men.

I have money:
 Men are always greedy. 
They always desire for more. Even after having savings, if you demand a ring or a new outfit, he will cry out, "I don't have money honey". This is one thing that men will never accept. They feel women will only empty their pockets if they tell their real financial status.

I am bad in bed:
 A man finds it really hard to accept the fact that they are bad in bed in front of their partners. If you discuss with him and say that he is not good in bed, he will get on you and prove himself right by throwing excuses. Men who don't accept this will start blaming you and prove himself right. It is an issue that directly attacks the male ego so a man feels devastated to accept it.

It was not my mistake:
 When you two end up fighting, he will never accept that he was also responsible for the fight. If you blame him, he will shrug his shoulders and simply say, "You started!" It is the male ego that forces men to behave like this.

I am behind love not lust:
 If you ask a man why he is so crazy for you, he would only say this. The fact is, all men are the same and it is absolutely not their fault. It is the male hormones and nature that makes them run behind lust first. When you start dating and ask him "What made you like me?", he will reply, "I love you baby. I am not behind lust!" He will either be scared or hide the truth that he had the lust feeling first.

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