Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What To Do When Women Flake ?!!!

What To Do When Women Flake - waiting for a call

Okay, so you finally got a date with the girl of your dreams! You spend the whole week fantasizing about how great your date is going to be and how you might even get a kiss by the end of the night.

But the date never happens. Why?

Because she flaked!

Now, what should you do about it?

To answer this question, let’s first examine why she flaked in the first place.

Why Women Flake ??!!

The hard reality of the situation is that she probably flaked on you because you didn’t build enough attraction with her in the first place. She treated you as just an option instead of a priority.

But don’t get all down on yourself just yet because you’re definitely not alone. Even the best of the best womanizers in the world have been flaked on—and still continue to get flaked on. It’s just part of the game.

You see, women get hit on multiple times a day by multiple types of guys. They do not have time to mark their calendars with all of the dates that they might have agreed to—especially not with a guy that they’ve just met. If she thinks you’re a great guy, you’re still just an option, albeit a great option, but not a priority.

When a woman makes something a priority, she’s investing emotion at the risk of being disappointed if it falls through. For dates where she’s not attracted or attracted only slightly to the guy, this emotional investment is not worth the disappointment.

What To Do When Women Flake

First, you must develop the same mentality that women have towards flaking. You must treat dates as options instead of priorities. Options are not real plans.  Options are not definite. When you treat dates as options, you’re subtracting a lot of pressure from the situation and adding a lot of comfort. You’re taking out the hidden agenda, you’re taking out the expectations, you’re taking out the emotional investment.

The first and most obvious way to prevent a woman from flaking on you is to build more attraction. However, this is not always possible because you just can’t win them all.

So the second way to prevent a woman from flaking on you is to flake on her first.

Here’s how:
1. Suggest a casual date—something that she won’t care too much about. Great examples include getting coffee or getting fast food.

2. Cancel the date the night before. Not only are you preventing her from flaking on you, you’re also showing her that you’re a busy guy and that your time is valuable.

3. Either reschedule the date for another time or call in the next few days to suggest other plans.

When a woman flakes on you, the best response is—no response. Why? Because anything you say to her will not matter. She won’t care if you bought her roses for the date or if you had to make dinner reservations. That’s your problem, not hers. She won’t think twice about it and neither should you.

So don’t get angry. Don’t send her 10 text messages demanding that she show up. Don’t leave nasty messages on her voicemail. All of this will make you look more desperate than you are. If you act like nothing happened, you’re showing her that you have options too.

But don’t just pretend that you have options. Actually go out and set up other dates around the same time so that you’re not missing out on anything. This way, the ball is always in your court and you have the power to choose.

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