Monday, October 22, 2012

The Key to Non-Verbal Attarction !!!!


The Story
I was walking into a store and noticed that an older woman was talking to a younger woman.

I’m not sure what they where talking about, but it seemed like she wanted the older woman to stay while she was in the store. I smiled at the older woman first, then lingered a bit on the younger one. What comes next may shock some of you, or you’ll say that it cannot happen. All I have to say is Bull.

So I passed by her close. Not too close. But when I looked back she was outside talking to the woman and looking at me. I smiled again and looked away to do my shopping. But then I noticed that she was behind me doing shopping as well. She looked back and smiled shyly. I returned the smile, went on with my shopping, and went to meet a friend.

Now guess who was listening very, very attentively to me talking to my friend? You guessed it: The woman. From there I went to ring out at the checkout. She and her older female friend followed me out.

End Result
I was able to spark and keep a very good looking woman’s attention with very little effort. So how did I do that?

1. Keep eye contact with for one, maybe two, seconds. Keep it longer than that and she might think you’re staring in a creepy way.

2. Smile. Now, I’m not going to put a link in here about that. It’s not that kind of post. But Bobby Rio’s course Social Training Lab has a tech on slow smiling that works great on women.

Should warn you that a woman can use it too. In short: you start off smiling a little, nothing big then keep smiling a little bigger not too much just enough to make her go hmm.

Final Thoughts
You want to know what I was wearing at the time? A tea shirt and baggy black jogging pants. The goal was simply to be comfortable no matter. Now true, I’m still nervous around women who I like, but this wasn’t a big deal. The only test for the day was to get a woman or women interested in my non-verbal communication. That’s it. So don’t take it too seriously, and she won’t either.

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