Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Signs He Still Falls For His Ex !!!!

Signs He Still Falls For His Ex

Are you in love with a man who still has a soft corner for his ex? Many a times women come across men who have feeling for his ex-flame. It is nothing unusual and you are not the only one who feels so. Every now and then when you see your boyfriend talking about his ex girlfriend, you get angry and jealous. The only question that comes to mind is, is he still in love with his ex? He will surely deny the fact so here are few signs to know if your boyfriend is still falling for his ex or not.

He only sites her examples: 
During a fight or while making love, if your boyfriend talks about his ex and keeps re-collecting how she did and what she did, it is a clear sign that he still feel for his ex flame. A person will only talk about the past when they still exist in their lives. If he sites her example and talks about her all the time, then its time to talk to each other.

He compares you with her: 
When your boyfriend compares you with his ex girlfriend you can be sure that his former love is still fresh in his mind. Comparison in everything like cooking, talks, style etc shows that he is still not over his ex but trying to kill his loneliness by finding a similar girl.

He keeps texting:
 If your boyfriend is in contact with his ex even after your disapproval, it shows that he is again falling for her. He can either text in front of you or hide it but if he gets caught, you can be sure there is something cooking between them.

Shows mercy on his ex:
Whatever be the reason behind his break up, if he shows mercy on her and treats her in a similar way as before, you have to think again about your relationship. Mercy can be in any way. For example, he tries to help her come out of some problem even after knowing that you don't like it. This shows that he is still concerned and bothered about her.

Meets her:
 Talking over the phone or messaging is not that different but meeting her physically is something you really need to worry about. It is one of the signs that can help you know if your boyfriend is still falling for his ex girlfriend. He can either meet her alone or get her at a get together. After a break up, you should ideally avoid keeping any contact with your ex. This is because your contact and meeting ex girlfriend can lead to misunderstandings and unwanted fight with your present partner.

These are few simple signs that can help you know if your boyfriend is still falling for his ex or not. While dating, if you come across such situations, discuss with him and explain your situation. If he accepts then it is good for your relationship but if he fights and tries to balance you and his ex, you better think again about the relationship you share!

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