Friday, September 28, 2012

The Three People You Should Never Mention on a First Date !!!

boring - bad-first-date  - The Three People You Should Never Mention on a First Date

There are a few people that should never be brought on a first date – not in the flesh and not in conversation. The mere mention of these figures in your life could send your date running to the ladies’ room, only to never return and leave you with the bill. Sure, if you have intentions for a future with her, it’s important that she knows the crucial aspects of your life and past. But when you’re trying to impress and show off your good traits, there are a few things you should avoid.

Your Mother
No woman wants to be the second best lady in your life, so don’t give your date any reason to think that, if you were to embark on a serious relationship, her needs would always be put behind your mother’s. Don’t mention how your mother still irons your shirts, delivers you food and wipes away your boogers. Never present yourself as a mommy’s boy – it’s a huge turn-off. If your date happens to think it’s great that you’re a mommy’s boy, even worse – she is probably looking for someone to mother and has lots of needy issues that you just don’t want in your life.

Your Ex
This should really go without saying, but if you’ve had a recent ex who was a big part of your life, it’s easy to get bogged down talking about this past relationship. It could be as simple as you relating an experience, and your ex happens to be in the story. If you can strategically not mention your past girlfriend when telling of an event which she was involved in, great. If not, then don’t tell the story on a first date. If it’s too late, and you have already started saying it, then leave the mention of your past relationship as just that – a brief mention. Don’t tell your date anything more about your former partner, and especially don’t talk about what went wrong in that relationship. It will look to her as if you’re still hung up on your past. No woman wants to hear about the one that came before her.

Your Manager
Unless you work as Angelina Jolie’s personal assistant or as a professional chocolate taster, there is not much reason for you to talk about your job. There is even less reason for you to talk about your superiors – when people talk about their managers, they usually do so in the context of a good whine. Whining on your first date would not give off a very good impression. Even if you are not complaining about your boss, saying that you have one points out to your date that you’re not very powerful. As many women find power a seductive quality, you don’t want to remind her of the fact that you work under supervision, even though this is true of nearly everyone in the workforce.

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