Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Importance of Eye Contact...

The Importance of Eye Contact
Approaching women is never easy. How you approach a woman and increase her desire for you involves movement, body signals, facial expressions placed at exactly the right moment and a healthy amount of confidence. But what most men fail to realize in dating is the importance of eye contact.

Eye contact is a very powerful, instinctual form of communication and it plays a crucial role in building attraction with women. The reason women like direct eye contact so much is that they feel like you are completely into them and that you are not afraid of them. A man who looks straight into a woman’s eyes without any hesitation oozes male-confidence and many women like this in a man. Your eye contact with a woman has to be strong, powerful, and has to really show your intent.

Women don’t trust guys who look nervous with their eyes bouncing all over the room. When your eyes are bouncing all over the place, you are telling a woman that you are looking checking somebody else out. Too many men also make the mistake of looking down when talking with women. Looking down shows women that you’re an insecure and weak man. Women will not feel secure around you, and they will actually start wondering whether or not they should continue talking to you. On the other hand, staring at a woman like a stone statue will make her think your some kind of weirdo.

About 80% of what you do and how you communicate with women is nonverbal. When you see that attractive woman that you would like to meet, look into her eyes and calmly maintain eye contact until she looks away. When you make eye contact with a woman, never look away first. Remember, women are looking for strong men and behaving submissively around a woman will make her lose her attraction to you very fast. Remember the laws of attraction. If she eyes you again and maintains the contact for a little longer--get up, make your way to her, and start a conversation.

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