Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Setting the Mood With Music !!!

make-special-dinner - Setting the Mood With Music
When trying to find the right music to set a romantic mood, choose the genre and songs very carefully. When it comes to better intimacy, women are unconsciously led in certain directions by sound. It is well known that the type of music you choose can relay a message about where the night is headed, whether you choose faster selections for a more boom-boom session or slower selections when the mood calls for a slower, more tender vibe.

Remember that you’re going to all this effort because you want her to feel special; you’re designing the entire date around her so stick to the type of music she likes. Avoid overly girly music and if it's your first date or you haven't dated long, definitely avoid songs with sexual clichés, for example, "Let’s Get It On" or "Sexual Healing." While rock music can make sex exciting, it does not do well for setting a passionate mood.

Keep any music you choose in the background--never make it a focus. As you experiment with different tunes, keep in mind that music without lyrics can really get the both of you lost in the moment. Playing some instrumental music in the background can be very effective for getting her in the mood. If you don't know what music to play, put on her favorite CD. You may also want to make an investment in some smooth jazz music as it is a surefire way to get the romance flowing.

Remember, bad music can put her on edge just as much as good tunes can relax her. As always, be a gentleman and read and accommodate her signs.

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