Sunday, September 9, 2012

Signs You're Moving Too Fast !!!

women-hate-predictable-men - Signs You're Moving Too Fast
Although finding love is based on each individual relationship and some people move quicker than others, some people move so quickly in new relationships that they become blinded by what they believe is true love. Here are some ways of determining if you're moving too fast in a relationship.

1. You call her before you give her a chance to return the FIRST call.

2. You're thinking about what your children will look like.

3. You stop dating other women and you're not interested in meeting anyone else although you've only been dating this woman for one month.

4. Your family and friends tell you their concern about how fast the relationship is going and how your life is changing.

5. When you show her all the signs that you're too needy and the woman you're dating tells you that she needs more down time for herself.

6. You forget about your friends. If you haven't spoken to, text, or even called any of your close friends, you might be falling too hard, too fast.

7. You to want to spend just about every waking moment with your new love to the point you totally neglect your own life and interests.

8. You've spent every single day with her for weeks, yet you don't know basic information about her that normally should have been covered in the first few dates.

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