Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dating a Beautiful Criminal !!!

Dating a Beautiful Criminal
Have you ever suspected that there was a hidden side in your relationship... and it wasn't you? The late nights, the secretiveness, the days away from home... she could be having an affair, OR, she could be a highly developed criminal mastermind!

Women like this have the innate gift to fool the average person. These manipulative women seem to always be in the midst of trouble and are very good at perfecting their personality so that you would never guess this person is the criminal. They fail to consider possible consequences of their actions. They lie, cheat and have yet to develop a sense of what is right or wrong, nor do they have any respect for the possessions of others. These female law breakers often place themselves at the center of the universe and fail to consider the impact of their behavior on others. They continuously make excuses why they do not want to invite you to their home and when you ask them questions about themselves, they seem to get short, defensive, or change the subject.

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Authority figures are challenged and boundaries are defined during adolescence, but when grown women break the law, it shows that they are irresponsible in their character and behavior. Acknowledge patterns of behavior, and recognize that problems you face early on in terms of personality and conflict are not likely things you can change about a person.

When meeting new women, you need to learn about your their criminal and mental history in addition to their relationship history. It's perfectly normal to date a woman who's only had a few parking tickets; however, if she's still shoplifting or piling up DUI convictions, that's reckless behavior and getting involved with women like this could seriously endanger you emotionally, physically and financially.

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