Friday, August 10, 2012

When She Hates Your Dog !!!

When She Hates Your Dog
Your furry friend can wreak havoc on your love life. If your latest lady has a fear or strong dislike of dogs, you’re going to have to manage the situation carefully to keep her from running out the door.

If she’s truly afraid of your dog

Good doggie!
It’s not uncommon to be afraid of dogs, especially if they are big. Fourteen percent of American women have a fear of dogs, so sooner or later you are bound to bring home one of these women. If she’s someone you’ve just met, you won’t even know it’s a problem until you get to your place, open the door and the dog jumps on her. For this reason, it’s best to prepare all new visitors to your home by telling them that you have a dog, especially if it is likely to get excited by the presence of someone new.

It’s crucial to keep your dog under control if she has a fear of dogs. If you tell her that it’s harmless whilst it nips at her legs, she’s going to want to get out of there as soon as possible and never come back. Hold onto the dog so it can’t jump at her, then shut it away in another room. A girl who is afraid she is going to be attacked by a dog at any moment will not be in the mood, so take away that risk entirely by locking it up.

If you manage to keep the dog away from her, she will be far more likely to come back to your place again.Although, an alternative location such as her place is best, if she has a severe phobia of it.

If she just dislikes the dog
You might be so smitten with your dog that you can’t understand why others don’t feel the same.If a random hook-up doesn’t like your dog, that’s not much of a problem- you can just shut it out of the bedroom. But if you’re dating, then you want her to get along with everyone important in your life, and that includes your dog. Slowly introduce her to liking your dog by getting her to pat it whilst you hold or restrain it. When you’re past formal dates and have a more casual relationship, ask her if she wants to help you walk your dog. If you have a well-trained dog, you could make her love it by using it for romantic gestures, like making it fetch her a flower.

Keep doggie out of the bedroom
Even if she quite likes your dog, she will not appreciate it jumping up on the bed and wanting to play when you are trying to be intimate. Shut your door with the dog on the other side of it! If it whines at the door and wants to be let in, you’re going to have to shut it in another room temporarily, or the mood will be wrecked.Don’t let the dog in afterwards either, no woman wants to share post-coital cuddling with Man’s Best Friend. Bringing your dog into the bedroom is a deal-breaker for most women.

Living with other people is usually annoying as far as picking up is concerned, but if you do have a flatmate, take advantage of the situation by asking them to look after the dog whilst you’re busy with a woman you’ve just brought home. They know what you’re up to anyway.

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