Friday, August 10, 2012

Learning From Mistakes And Creating a Monster

Learning From Mistakes And Creating a Monster
I’m sure there’s been a number of times where you’ve been running game on a chick, things didn’t work out like you had them planned and you go home and say to yourself, “I don’t get it. What the hell did I do wrong?” You’re confused. You’re pissed and you take your frustration out on yourself with an angry masturbation session. Don’t act like it doesn’t happen.

Where to Go for Advice?

Get past it
The beat session might provide some temporary relief, but then the reality sets in and you still can’t figure out what it is that you did wrong. It’s not like flirting with a chick is some type of sporting event that’s video taped and you can go back and look at the instant replay. That’s why your best bet is to ask your friends. They might rip you a little bit, but once you get passed it you’ll realized that they’ll give you the most honest answers, even if it’s necessarily what you want to hear. So cipher through the bullshit and relentless jokes and listen to what they have to say because the majority of the times they are going to be right.

When Friends Aren’t Around
Making mistakes is the best way to learn not only in dating, but in any aspect of life. However you need to know precisely where you fucked up and that’s not always an easy thing to do. The best thing you can do immediately after a frustration situation is to take a step back. Forget about it for a little while. Perhaps you want to take a few deep breaths because it’s going to be hard to analyze objectively when you’re still emotionally attached to the situation. And then when you’re ready, throw the paper towels out and try and remember the exact moment is went wrong. Was it during the approach? Did you get stuck in the friend zone and not escalate fast enough? Did you stick your fingers in her butt a little too early?

Become The Person You Want to Be…
Once you learn how to pinpoint your mistakes and not allow them to happen again, you’re quickly going to see your game transform. In a few months you’re going to turn into a beast, who rarely fucks up, but you won’t even mind making mistakes because you know that every time you do you’ll learn something new.

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