Monday, August 27, 2012

The Power of NO

say-no-The Power of NO
Saying NO to get her to say YES!
Sometimes there are girls that are ridiculously hot and also seem easy, it can be baffling how easy these girls make it to pull them. You would think that a girl this hot would make it really difficult for you to get into her pants and you can’t believe your luck. Well in this situation I ask you one question, have you seen the glorious contents of her pants yet?

Give them your hand
I am willing to bet my house on the answer to that question being no, it seems so close and yet something always comes up to stop you from actually pulling her. Well my friends, I have news for you, if you carry on the way things are going, no matter how close you think you are, you will NEVER fuck this girl.

The reason for this is that she is what I like to call a validation vacuum, or an attention slut if you’re feeling frisky. The aim of these girls is to get you to validate their hotness at all times, and they are willing to go as far as necessary to get your validation, and yes that does include sleeping with you, but I ask you this, how can you get her into bed without giving her the validation that makes it game over?

- As soon as you kiss her, YOU’RE DONE!
- As soon as you get her alone and tell her she is delicious, YOU’RE DONE!
- As soon as she grabs the front of your pants and you’re hard, YOU’RE DONE!

But … you have a secret weapon, you can say NO!

I do not generally believe in fighting fire with fire, but in the case of this type of girl I absolutely condone the use of super sneaky tactics to get into the chamber of squelch.

To flip the game on these types of women you need to play it exactly the same way that they are, tease the fuck out of them, give them what they want … almost and rip it away at the vital moment. This can take practice to get the timing right but in the end it will be worth it, the genius thing is, the same girl will give you enough opportunities to practice.

Some standard maneuvers to try out
When this girl comes over and flirts with you, flirt back, but just as you think it is reaching the part where she will walk away from the situation, look over her shoulder and smile as if you’re smiling at another girl, this subtly suggests that all of your attention is not on her, this will freak her into …

Close physical contact, when she gets up close to you and is right in front of your face, she may even graze your lips with hers, any of this type of teasing close physical shit, needs to be treated carefully, you need to let her think she is getting what she wants, but not let her get it, tell her to hold that thought and simply walk off and start a conversation with somebody else (if it’s a hot girl that’s a bonus).

By this point she will be getting pissed off that she isn’t getting her much needed validation, she will begin to flirt with other guys around you, just ignore her. She WILL try to kiss you if you do this correctly. Go along with it for a second and pull away and just smile at her. Slap her ass and walk off again.

You get the idea yet? It is very much a case of 2 steps forward, 1 step backward down a pretty long path, however the path leads to her lips around your cock and eventually you will get there.

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