Saturday, June 9, 2012

How to Create the Relationship You Desire ??

How to Create the Relationship You Desire

Love and romance are in the air along with spring's promise of newness. Whether in a relationship or looking for one - now's the time to learn how to make it a luscious love affair. It's so exciting! With the weather warming it's a playful time to be outdoors and experience fun new adventures, and expand your horizons with bold explorations. With the Heart Math Institute's tool for manifestation you'll learn how to take your desires and expand upon them for a powerful magnetic force bringing you the passionate life you dream about.

There is no better way to attract the love and romance you want than with visualizing "As if" - what do I mean by that? I mean act as though you already have what you want - breathe it, see it, feel it - engage all the senses.

Studies have proven that when you engage all your senses it makes a more powerful imprint to the universe. The more real you can make your thoughts and desires the quicker you will manifest. As you may or may not know, the universe responds almost instantly to the energy of feelings - so take the time to really feel what it would be like to have what you want. If you stay focused, without any waivering beliefs, your desire will appear in your life almost like magic.

So, are you interested in learning how to create all the love and romance your heart can hold? Silly question, right? Well then, I want to share with you a simple yet mighty technique to give your visualizations rocket power. If you begin with Gratitude Breathing you will not only clear your mind for laser focus you will also be in such an expansive state whatever you visualize will become exponentially more powerful.

Here's how you do it:

Breathe into your heart and hold for 6 counts. Exhale through your solar plexus and hold for 6 counts. As you inhale say breathe, as you exhale say relax all the while focusing on something you appreciate. Do this for a few minutes and you'll be at peace. This process was developed by Heart Math Institute to bring your heart into resonance.

While you are doing this it's important to see yourself surrounded by white light. Imagine a spotlight flooding your body, or maybe you're encased in a bubble of light or you may see light traveling up one side of your body and down the other. White light is a very high vibration - it will dissipate darkness, protect and empower you.

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