Saturday, May 5, 2012

What Women Want ?

What Women Want

What do women want? This question troubles many men. If they like a woman, how to attract her and how to keep that love alive for long. For getting the answer to this, men must know about what women want. The first factor every man must understand clearly is that women are different than men. The way men behave and talk with their men friends will not do with a woman if they wish to win her over.

Let us talk about your objective. If you are in love with a woman, you want her to reciprocate that love and remain in love with you forever. You desire that both of you live happily in love with each other forever. For achieving this objective, you must know how to win a woman. Let us examine few qualities that you should develop to win a woman.

1. Care
Do you show care for what a woman cares for? Or do you laugh at some of her worries and concerns? That will be a sure formula to make a woman go away from you. Please show care and concern for what a woman cares for. Please be with her in that. Let her feel so confident that she leaves all her cares to you. That will give her real pleasure.

2. Treat Her Delicately
When you pick up something precious, you are very careful handling that, isn’t it? Same is with women. Talk to them gently. Treat them gently and be there whenever she needs any help. A small gesture such as holding her shopping bags will show that you consider her precious. Show her that she is invaluable for you in all the possible ways. Let her feel good about herself whenever she is with you.

3. Know About Her
Find out what she wants in life. Know about her priorities. Learn about her values. If you love her dearly and want to make her your own, you may have to change to her thinking, so that she feels you as her own. This may sound strange, but this small sacrifice will have to be made to make a woman your own.

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