Saturday, May 5, 2012

Are You A Gentleman Friend?

Are You A Gentleman Friend

Are you a perfect gentleman? Someone every woman can treat as a friend? Someone who is very attentive to others, behaves perfectly, has the best values and integrity and is honest to the core? You can face problems from a different breed of males who are confident looking, don’t care much about others, act macho and can attract women romantically. Some women may treat you as a friend and the macho ones as romantic lovers.

Have you had this experience of losing to such males? Here is what you can do about that. Let us first be very clear that you cannot change yourself, nor it is desirable. You are a perfect man, and a woman must understand that she should prefer you to the macho variety that may dump her when anyone better comes across. But you cannot tell a woman about this, and that is the problem. You want to win her attention but you find that she is getting into relationship with a macho. What will you do?

To begin with, make sure that the woman is whom you want for a long-term relationship. Assess her properly. If you find her right, it is time to act little smarter and win her over. You surely can act a little assertive and more decisive. Take the lead in taking her places for the date. Don’t ask her about where she would like to go. Take your own decision and tell her nicely but assertively - How about going for the play? Or how about dining in that restaurant and then a movie? Be attentive to her needs, but assert your presence. Don?t act like a Mama’s boy all the time.

Macho men normally talk a lot, and don’t listen to others. Here you will beat them, because you are a good listener. Your woman would love talking to you. Over a period of time, she will also understand that you are much more reliable compared to the other person. Act intelligently, and show that you are smart but don’t necessarily ride rough shod over others. If after all this, the woman cannot differentiate between you and the enchanting male, drop her. But if she is intelligent, she will realize your value soon. If you wish to win over your woman, persist. Don?t give up soon.

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