Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Woman’s Guide To Alpha Males

We all hear much about Alpha Males now a days. Who is an alpha male? Is he a new specie? How are you suddenly hearing about him now? Where was he till now? These questions are difficult to answer, but surely one can discuss about what makes a man alpha male.

The first quality of alpha male is his masculine presence. He looks and acts totally masculine and dominating. His presence can be electrifying at times. Sometimes watching him, you will get transported to old days, when men dominated life fully. But apart from masculine presence, an alpha male has many other qualities that make him desirable.

Alpha male is always the leader. He leads from the front and makes it amply clear that is the leader. He also knows the art of talking with women. Women love talking to him because he can be dominating and very understanding at the same time. Alpha male understands better than others about what women want. He is a success in what he does and displays power. His presence denotes power.

An alpha male is all that a woman desires. A successful man, with strong masculine qualities, high intelligence and successful in life, leading from the front and knows what a woman wants. Alpha male knows the art of attracting a woman’s attention. He knows how to make women feel protected and cared for. He is an expert in making women feel totally safe with him. He knows the art of romance.

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