Sunday, April 1, 2012

What Do Men Like To Hear?

Women like to be pampered and told that they are beautiful. They like to be told that they take care of their man and they love him. Women enjoy hearing these words. What about men? What do they like to hear?

A man gets stressed at his work place many times. In some situations, he gets frustrated and finds little appreciation. Who will tell him that he is intelligent? That he is good at work and that he is an expert in what he does. If his woman does that, he would love it. These ego boosters are important for men. They like to be reassured sometimes and told that they are good.

A man thinks of doing new projects. He thinks of new ideas and wants to implement them. He innovates and tries to do something unique. Sometimes, he fails and other times he succeeds. What would he love to hear from his woman? ‘You are a great innovator. You always think of new ideas and new ways. You are a great brain.’ These words will help a man forget any defeat.

You must be aware of some qualities of your man, which are appreciable. He may be a good-looking person, or have a good physique, or good at speaking or writing or good at some other tasks. Apreciate him about those qualities. Men unfortunately never normally appreciate their men colleagues or friends about their qualities. If his woman gives him recognition and appreciate him for those qualities, he would feel good and love you more.

Your man needs you to help him fight his battles. Your man needs you to get appreciation. Your man needs you to know that he is good. Give him the love and appreciation that he deserves.

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