Friday, February 3, 2012

How To Know If He Is The One?

How To Know If He Is The One
It doesn’t take long to get attracted to someone. However not everyone you get attracted to is Mr.Right. The dating world is filled with so many Mr.Wrongs that sometimes, we miss Mr.Right even if he steps in right in front of our eyes. You have been seeing this guy for a while. You finally think you’re in love. So how would you know if he is the one? Or is he just another Mr.Wrong in the disguise of Mr.Right?

In movies, you often see that when Mr.Right meets the actress, she hears bells ringing, violins playing, time stopping, birds chirping, etc. But in real life nothing of this sort is going to happen. Mr.Right’s entrance will be as normal as anybody else’s would. The trick is to catch the signs between the cues. The first and the most important thing that must be present between you and him is friendship. He must be someone whom you can trust. The comfortability level you share with him, should also be unique. He should be able to understand you and love you for the person you are. He must be someone whom you look forward to meeting with. Hence, friendship is the most important ingredient for Mr.Right. Unless he is your friend, he just cannot be even close to being ‘the one’ for you. The next thing is the way the two of you feel about each other. Sometimes, a guy may be a great friend. But unless you feel romantically inclined towards him, it won’t work out. Again the feelings must be mutual. He should be someone whom you can totally rely upon. He does not have to be your clone. But someone who shares common interests with you will definitely help. The two of you should be able to have fun easily together. It shouldn’t be that you are trying too hard.

Ultimately he should be someone with whom you feel totally comfortable to be yourself.

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