Friday, February 3, 2012

How To Ask A Girl Out?

How To Ask A Girl Out

Some Boys become nervous and scared once it comes to asking a girl out. It is important that the right message is delivered across to her. The idea is to maintain a balance between showing her that you like her and at the same time not coming across as desperate.

Bake Her A Cake With a message written on the top.

This idea is both fun and very romantic. Bake a cake for her in one of her favorite flavors. Next, write your message with the icing on top of the cake. You can write something like ‘Dinner at 9?’ or ‘I want to be your special one’ over the cake.

Ask Her Out While Slow Dancing With Her.

Slow dancing on a slow number with someone you like can be very romantic. First ask her to dance with you and when as you two are dancing together, seize the right moment and ask her out.

Say It With Flowers and Gifts

Get her a bunch of roses or a really cute teddy bear carrying a tag with it. You can have your message asking her out, written on the tag.

With The Help Of Stickers

You can buy these glow-in-the-dark stickers that resemble stars and stick on the roof of your house in the shape of an ‘I love you’ or anything else that you wish to say to her. When the lights are out, your message will be clear for her to see.

Write Her A Poem

Express all that you wish to say to her through a romantic poem. At the end of the poem, you can ask her out. Even if you are not a good writer, you can go online and search for a suitable poem. This idea is surely worth the trouble.

With The Help Of A Book

Take a book that she is already reading and underline certain letters in the book in such a way that, when the letters are written together they spell out your message to her.

Holding Hands

Get a picture of your hand clicked. Send her this picture by mail and get a message like, ‘Waiting to hold your hand forever’ written at the bottom. This is an uncommon technique, but is known to work in most cases.

Box of Chocolates

Gift her to box of chocolates molded in the shape of hearts. You can get your message written on a tag attached to the chocolate box. Most of the girls find chocolates irresistible and she will find this to be a very special gesture on your part.

At a Beach

Take her to a beautiful moon lit beach. Once the two of you are comfortable walking together get down on your knees and speak from your heart. Though it sounds corny, she will be delighted.

Dedicate a Song For Her

Find out her favorite radio station and the time she listens to it. You can send in a dedication of a romantic song for her at that time. You can also request the radio jockey to give her a message on air right before the song. She will be thrilled.

While asking a girl out, it is very important to keep your nerves in control. The rest will fall in place automatically. The best advice while asking the girl out would be to keep your plans simple and sweet. Small gestures are enough to impress a girl.

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