Friday, February 3, 2012

10 Mistakes Men Make With Women


Do you always find the pair of four inch heals running away from you? Have you been wondering what goes wrong each time? Here is the answer to all your dating woes. This is a list of the ten most common mistakes that men are prone to make with woman.

1. Choosing A Woman Based On Beauty Alone

This is the most common mistake committed by almost all men. It is true that it is difficult to look past the attractiveness. However, it is important to realize that in due course of time, beauty fades. This is when the other factors like compatibility, intellectuality and compassion that matter. If you and your partner do not get along well on the mental front then be sure that your relationship would leave you both exasperated and eventually head for splitsville.

2. Trying To Be The Best Friend

It very rarely happens that a woman gets attracted to her best friends. A woman wouldn’t date a guy merely on the basis of how understanding he is. It is the degree of attraction that counts. So quit being so available for her so much that she takes you for granted. It is important that she feels comfortable in your company, but that does not mean she begins to treat you like one of her girlfriends.

3. Hot Temper And Violent Behavior

This can instantly scare off women. In fact, you should use this when you want to get rid of a clingy date. An action like being rude to the waiter or taxi driver or getting involved in unnecessary fights with random people is the signature of a narcissistic creep. Women would stay miles away from such men.

4. Sharing Intimate Details With Her Too Soon

You don’t need to tell her why you broke up with you ex-girlfriend on the first date. Neither do you have to tell her how much you are attracted to her. It is always good to go slow in relationships. As far as sharing intimate details are concerned, it should be done at a much later stage. This will not only build interest in you, but she will also begin to look forward to trying to getting to know you.

5. Letting Them Take Total Control

Women would naturally want to be with someone with who she can feel secure with. Whatever happens never make her take total charge of any situation. Show it to her that you are man enough to look after things. This will not only earn her respect for you but will also result her in getting attracted to you.

6. Being Bossy And Dominating

It is important to learn to take charge when you are with her; however, that does not mean that you go about dominating her all the time. Let her take her own decisions and advice her only when you’re asked for it. Women hate to be bossed around and they look out for a man with whom they can be themselves. Hence, make sure you accept her just the way she is.

7. Being Self-Obsessed

This can be a big turn-off in any potential guy. No matter how good looking you may be, self-obsession is a trait of the unsecured. Habits like constantly being bothered about your looks, checking out your reflection even in a spoon and being a constant shopaholic will give her the feeling that she is with one of her girlfriends and not her man.

8. Corny Pick Up Lines

Pick-up lines can be cute among lovers. However, when you are trying to get to know somebody, they are a strict no-no. Most of the times, they are ineffective and make women run for cover. There are great chances that she may pick the wrong signal, thus subtracting any chance you might have had with her. Instead, just ask a common friend to introduce the two of you.

9. Bragging About Yourself

There is a very thin line between telling her about your achievements and bragging about them. With a little bit of carelessness on your side you will be doing the latter. Women hate braggers and find them stupid and annoying. Instead, just tell her about yourself like you would to a friend. As for your achievements, let her find them out herself. She will appreciate your modesty.

10. Constantly Showering Her With Gifts

Horrible mistake! It is the signature of a person plagued by insecurity and foolishness. When you do this, you are indirectly sending her the message saying that you are so insecure about yourself that you need to buy gifts in order to get her attracted to you. You may seem like a desperate person trying so hard to get into a relationship by simply buying her.

These are 10 of the most common mistakes that men tend to repeat over and over again, but in different ways. Try and check yourself from committing them for getting the girl of your dreams come to you without much of a problem.

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