Wednesday, October 19, 2016

6 Signs a Girl is Secretly in Love with you !!

6 Signs a Girl is Secretly in Love with you ,beautiful woman girl black and white at cafe hand on table resturant

Girls are difficult for guys to figure out, but it is important for guys to notice their signals especially when it comes to matters of love. There are chances that a girl you may know, secretly loves you, but isn’t telling you directly and is waiting for you to catch the signals and make the first move. Here are 6 signs which will tell you that a girl is secretly in love with you.

1. She gives you special treatment
If a girl gives you special treatment and more importance than she gives her other friends, it may be a sign that she loves you. By treating you specially, she is trying to indicate that she likes you, but doesn’t want to tell you directly and expects you to make the first move.

2. She tries to impress you
When a girl tries to impress you either by making you happy and doing the things you like or by dressing up well to look good and attract you, it may be a sign that she wants to grab your attention and is indicating her love towards you.

3. She is all-time excited and happy around you
If a girl you know suddenly becomes more happy and excited when she is around you or when you talk to her, it clearly shows that she secretly loves you.

4. She is friends with your friends
If a girl doesn’t wants to directly approach you, get close to you and tell you that she loves you, she may try to befriend your friends in order to take your friends’ help to convey her feelings to you.

5. She feels insecure when you interact with other girls
When a girl feels jealous or uncomfortable if you get close or talk too much to other girls, it clearly shows that she secretly holds feelings for you.

6. Shows variation in body language in your presence
You can make out the difference in the girl’s body language when she is around you; she is happy, jumpy, excited, nervous, etc. She may show her love for you with small gestures like bringing you small gifts or talking to you about your interests and taking interest in things you like.

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