Monday, October 3, 2016

5 Ways to Resist the Temptation to Flirt With other Women While You are in a Relationship

5 Ways to Resist the Temptation to Flirt With other Women While You are in a Relationship,man woman couple laughing girl guy

Do you often get the temptation of flirting with other women even though you are in a relationship with someone? You better stop your flirtatious behavior because it can have nasty repercussions on you personally and on your relationship. Here is how you can resist flirting with other women.

1. Tell yourself that it is a wrong thing to do
Whenever you get the temptation to flirt with another woman, immediately tell yourself that it is a wrong thing to do. It is morally wrong and you will be betraying your girlfriend’s trust and commitment. If you are a man of character who likes to walk on life’s straight path, this thought will immediately hold you back and stop you from your flirtatious behavior.

2. Think about how you would feel is she flirted with other guys
How would you feel if your girlfriend flirted with other guys behind your back? You will definitely feel betrayed, cheated upon and heartbroken to know that your sweetheart is having a fun time with other guys when you are not around. If you start flirting with other women, your girlfriend will also feel the same way. Stepping into her shoes will open your eyes and make you stop flirting with other women.

3. Think about what would happen if she found out
You may be flirting with other women on the sly, but have you thought about what would happen if your girlfriend found this out? Will she breakup with you? Will she say bad things about you to all your friends? Will all her friends and family start hating you for trying to flirt with other women whilst being in a relationship with her? The consequences are endless and unless you want to ruin your relationship, you should stop your flirtatious ways.

4. Think about the repercussions of flirting
If your girlfriend complains to some of her friends about your bad flirting habits, everyone in your friend circle will come to know. You will forever lose your image as a nice and genuine guy. Everyone will start thinking of you as a cheater and a guy who cannot be trusted. Think about how your personal image will take a heavy beating in everyone’s eyes. People may even stop trusting you because you lack the ability to make a commitment.

5. Think about karma
It is commonly believed that your actions and your behavior finally come back around to bite you. You reap what you sow, is a popular phrase which vaguely means that your actions today, will determine your future tomorrow. If you indulge in flirting with other women behind your partner’s back, you may face a similar fate some day. Someone may lie to you, your partner could cheat on you or your partner may even leave you for another guy. Anything can happen because that is life’s way of paying you back for your bad deeds.

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